Video Editing

Video editing, DVD editing and authoring, YouTube delivery, and VHS digital archival services available.

Opcode Vision File Conversion

We convert Vision, Studio Vision Pro, and Vision DSP files into Standard Midi Files, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, or Logic Pro, or Cubase sessions. We also convert Galaxy banks or bundles into standard midi files. Clients include KMFDM, Lustmord, and Trans Siberian Railroad.

Vintage Synthesizer Recordings

Provide midi files and receive back a wide variety of audio tracks of the midi performance through one of over 20 vintage synthesizers.
We provide music, and audio production services, offering future-proof archival of legacy file formats, synthesizer tracking, and video editing.

Music and Audio

Music Production Services
Opcode Vision, Studio Vision, Vision DSP, EZVision, Musicshop, Galaxy bank and bundles exported to standard midi files for use with modern software. We can also convert Magnetic Music's Textures, Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold v4.10, and Logic Audio Platinum 4.7. We also record vintage synthesizer tracks of your midi files and deliver the audio files.


Vintage Video Archival
We can digitize VHS tapes, edit them, and deliver an type of video file or upload to your YouTube account.