Aphex Twin's gear list

Aphex Twin's gear list

Aphex Twin's new release, Syro, includes a list of his gear, which room each song was made in (he has 5) and which pieces were used in each song. In looking up a few of the more unfamiliar pieces you can find some pretty esoteric items such as one of the first standard acoustic plate reverbs, a TR-909 clone kit, moded synths, and various DIY effect kits. (click image to enlarge)

If the list is to be believed (and I don't doubt that it is real), the first track "minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]" includes the following:

Allen Organ Spring Reverb, ARP 2500, Bode Vocoder, Chandler Stereo Digital Delay (blackface), Chandler Zone Limiter, Disklavier MKIV Pro Custom (midi controlled acoustic piano), EMT 140 Stereo Plate reverb with tube amplification, Eventide DSP4000, Fulltone Tape Echo, Korg Minipops 7, Korg PS3300, Lexicon 480L, Marion PROSynth, Micmix DynaFlanger, Studio Electronics Midimoog, MTI Ensemble, Neotek √Člite 64 Channel Custom mixer, Pearl Syncussion drum module, Quantec Room Simulator, RME FireFace 800 (Firewire audio interface), RMI Harmonisynth, Roland MKS70, Sequential Circuits Prophet VS, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Studio Electronics Code 8, Synton Syntovox 221, Tantek flanger delay, TC1210, Valley People Gain Brain, Valley People Kepex

Hear the track here:

Bruce Levenstein typed out the entire list here.