DTRS Tapes/Tascam DA-88 Audio Tape Digital Transfers

Tascam DA-88We can transfer your DTRS multitrack audio tapes (Hi-8), both both 16 to 24 bit bit rates, originally recorded on the Tascam DA-88, DA-38, DA-98, DA-78HR, DA-98HR or Sony PCM-800, with any number of tracks/tapes to multiple digital audio files in the .wav or .aiff files format. This will allow you to digitally remix the tracks in a modern day Mac or PC DAW (digital audio workstations) like Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro X, Garage Band, or Reaper. We have well maintained machines standing by that are perfectly synchronization with a precise master clock distributed to all machines for a sample-accurate synchronized transfer. Contact us now for a quote and directions on sending us your tapes.

DA88 tapeDTRS multitrack audio records could each record up to 8 tracks, and multiple machines could be synched together. It was not uncommon to have projects recorded with a single deck (8 tracks), 2 decks (16 tracks), 3 decks (24 tracks, the most popular configuration), 4 decks (32 tracks), 5 decks (40 tracks), or 6 decks (48 tracks) synced together. DTRS tapes were most commonly used with the TASCAM DA88 (and less commonly with the Sony PCM-800) 16 bit machines in the early 90s. Later the 24 bit decks became available, the Tascam DA-98, DA-78HR, DA-98HR in the late 90's and early 2000s.

Some of the most popular DTRS tape brands include:

  • HHB DA60
  • HHB DA113
  • Quantegy DA8, (most common tapes we see)
  • Sony DARS-30MP
  • DARS-113MP

When the DA88 was originally released, TASCAM officially recommended the following brands:

  • Hi-8 MP (Metal Particle) SONY, TDK, FUJI, BASF, 3M, DENON and KONIKA
  • Hi-8 ME (Metal Evaporated) SONY, TDK, MAXELL, and BASF

Pro Tools session with 16 tracksTASCAM did not recommend any specific tape models from these manufacturers, and a wide variety of HI-8 tapes were used over the years. Just like with many other digital formats, any HI8 tape could be formatted and used with the TASCAM or Sony machines, so if you find a HI-8 tape in your studio with hand written notes on the label like "Master 16bit / 44.1 KHz" or "Master 1 of 3" etc., you are likely looking at a tape recorded with a DTRS machine. You will always see the DTRS logo on tapes designed specifically for DTRS compatible machines.

Audio Tape Transfer FAQ

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