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On the heels of Elektron's Analog 4 and Analog Keys is the Analog Rytm: an 8-voice, 6 output analog drum machine with a sample voice layer and din sync. And unlike the Machine Drum or Octatrack the Analog Rytm has both MPC trigger style pads and 808 style step sequencer buttons. There are also 8 assignable knobs for things like ADSR, effect level, volume, etc. Each voice has a dedicated multimode filter, distortion, and LFO.

Clavia announced the Nord Lead A1, a new take on analog modeling for Clavia compared to the Nord Lead series.

Following up on 2013's release of the Moog Sub Fatty is the Sub 37: a Sub Fatty with all of the features available through control, another octave of keys, duophonic, and more patch memory.

Korg impresses again for at least the fourth year in a row with real analog (except for 2013), this time with a full size MS-20 as a kit, with midi, and both filter versions. More at Synthtopia.

Korg's list of recent analog releases:
Monotron - 2010
Monotron Duo, Delay, and Monotribe - 2011
Korg MS-20 Mini - 2012
Korg MS-20 Kit - 2014

Waldorf showed their new 2 Pole Filter unit in the same form factor and filter as the Rocket monosynth. Watch and hear the demo given to Sonic State (with what I think is a direct audio feed to their video recorder providing better audio than any other NAMM demos).

Studio Electronics has two new Boomstars: the SE-80 which features a Yamaha CS-80 style filter and the 700 which features the Mini-Korg 700 filter. They have also partnered with Pittsburgh Modular for module versions of the Boomstar components.