MIDI to MP3 / Audio to MIDI Conversion

Converting a MIDI file to an MP3 is sort of like making the outline of a painting, and letting someone else decide how to finish it. What kind of paint will they use? What colors will they use and where? There are a lot of decisions you make as a producer that will be the difference between a song that really encompasses your vision as an artist, or something that just sounds like a glorified Nokia ringtone circa 2002. Choices such as the sound palette of instruments (bass, leads, drums, pads, etc.), and other vital processes such as mixing and mastering make all the difference. If you want something better than what is commonly known as “MIDI sounds” (which means the use of default General MIDI sounds - 128 generic sounds in whichever app you happen to be using), reach out to us.

We are here to help you create a professional quality production, not a mere “conversion.” With a large inventory of instruments available, along with extensive knowledge and experience in production and sound design, we can replace any instruments in your MIDI tracks and make your song really shine, as it should. Contact us today and let us help you create your next masterpiece.

Deep Signal Studios can also convert audio (MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc) to MIDI. For best results, we would ideally receive each individual audio track (drums, bass, lead, etc.) to analyze separately, convert them to MIDI, and send back time-aligned MIDI files; or a DAW session file like Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, Reaper, Logic, Ableton Live, Sonar, etc. It is also possible to convert 2-track stereo mixdowns of your songs to MIDI.

Deep Signal Studios can also transcribe sheet music from audio files for use in MuseScore, Sibelius, Capella, Finale, Overture, Encore and more! In addition, sheet music files can also be sent as PDFs ready to print if you prefer. Contact us today for more information on Audio to MIDI conversion and music transcription services.

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Why Choose Deep Signal Studios?

  • File conversion work and tape transfers can be tedious and frustrating. Your time as an artist is better spent working on your music and mixes on a platform you know.
  • All work is completed by certified engineers with over 20 years experience with DAWs, MIDI sequencers, notation software, synthesizers, samplers, and tape machines. We have comprehensive knowledge about everything that has come and gone, as well as all current and emerging platforms.
  • Services are performed by native English speakers in the recording capital of the world, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Your files are secure. All work is performed in-house and in strict confidentiality. Client files are archived for 30-days upon completion of the project, and promptly destroyed thereafter.