Floppy disk/HD Archival for Samplers, Synths and Sequencers, flash storage emulator install

We archive your floppy disks and hard drives for samplers, synths, and sequencers and then install a floppy drive emulator, hard drive emulator, or both into your gear. This lets you use you vintage gear without the limitation of physical floppy disks, hard drives, or removable hard disks. In the case of SCSI storage you can load banks up to 3 times faster than HD or CDROM. In most cases this will allow for up to 8GB of storage. Our floppy drive emulator options include an OLED display which allows full disk image names to be displayed and data shuttle knob to scroll through disk images more quickly than using a push button, and a speaker which emulates the disk read/write mechanism sound.

SCSI Samplers we can perform HD disk archive and install a SCSI drive emulator into:
Akai, MPC2000, MPC2000XL, MPC3000, S3000, S2000, S3000XL, MPC60, MPC-60 II, S900, S950,S1000, S1100, ASR-10 (requires SP-3 or Straylight Engineering SP-3 clone), TS-10/12, EPS, EPS 16+ (requires SP-2 or ZiN Circuits Ess-Pee-Too clone v1.1), ASR-X, Emu Emax, Emax II, EIII, SP-12, SP-1200, ESI-32, E4000, E6400, Casio FZ-20M, Kurzweil K2000, Roland W30, S550 (requires rare SCSI option) S770, S760, Yamaha A5000, A3000.

Samplers, synths, and sequences we can perform floppy disk archive and install a floppy drive emulator into:
Akai, MPC2000*, MPC2000XL*, MPC3000*, S3000*, S2000, S3000XL*, MPC60, MPC-60 II, S900, S950, S01,S1000, S1100, Casio FZ-1, FZ-10M, Emu Emax, Emax II*, Emulator, Emulator II, EIII, SP-12, SP-1200, ESI-32, E4000, E6400, Ensoniq Mirage, ASR-10*, SQ-80, ASR-X, Korg DSS-1, Oberheim DPX-1, Sequential Prophet 2000, 2002, Roland W30, S550, S770*, S760*, Yamaha A5000*, A3000*, TX16W, DX7IIFD.

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*It is not recommended to install a floppy emulator into a SCSI sampler since there is so much more convenience in load time and fewer button presses with SCSI drive emulators, but it can be done depending on your needs, such as the scarcity of ASR-10 and S550 SCSI cards.