Mackie SDR, HDR and MDR24/96 Hard Disk Recorders

Mackie 24 Track Hard Disk RecorderWe can recover and transfer the audio files from Mackie SDR24/96, HDR24/96, MDR24/96 so they can be mixed in a modern DAW. In order to transfer these sessions they must be rendered, which ensures that correct time alignment for the tracks when they are imported to the DAW. This will be required if there were any punch-ins, edits or comps. We are able to render these sessions and pull the .wav files from the drive and deliver them to you so they can be mixed in any modern DAW such as Cubase, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper, Studio One or GarageBand. All hard drive file recovery is done in the digital domain, with no added analog/digital conversion for perfect 1:1 digital copies of your Mackie projects.

Mackie produced these three models of 24 track hard disk recorders that used removable IDE drives that mounted into special caddies in the late 90s. The SDR included analog I/O as standard while the HDR and MDR models allowed either analog, ADAT or TDIF I/O boards. They were promoted by Mackie as working well with their d8b (digital 8 bus) console. These were Mackie’s only digital audio recorders.

You may be interested in our Mackie HDR Drive caddies.

Mackie MediaMackie media drives were removable drives and with a handle that would allow you to pull them out and load in another drive. The drives may be stored in a blue plastic case labeled Mackie Media M90 (RH58). Or, you may have discovered these drives not inside the blue case. In that scenario they are a grey metal and plastic case with the Mackie Digital Systems logo in white.

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