Pro Co DB4A 4 channel DI

4 Channel Direct Box featuring:
Floating Transformer-Balanced XLR Output for Maximum Isolation
4 Independent Channels for 4 Keyboards, Drum Machine Outputs, etc.
3 IN/OUT Jacks per Channel for Convenient Loop-Thru
LINT Mode Handles Signals to +34 dBv
GND/LIFT Switch Eliminates Hum and Buzz
Rack-mounted “Uni-box” Construction for Superior Protection and Shielding
Flush-mounted Switches and Connectors Resist Damage
Passive Design Requires No Batteries or Phantom Power

We currently stock 2 units which combined provide a total of 8 channels of DI.

Direct boxes are for sending unbalanced line level audio, for example from a synthesizer, drum machine, sampler, or tape machine from the stage to the FOH mixer. Since unbalanced signals can only be run around 20 feet without degrading (picking up noise, AM radio) they must be balanced. This sends the unbalanced audio signal via a 1/4 inch input into a transformer and then out through an XLR connector where cable run can be a maximum of 820 ft. This is the same type of connector that is used on microphones. From there it can be run into the XLR input on a mixer. This signal comes in at mic level so it will not overload the channel.

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