Alesis SR16

The Alesis SR16 is a classic drum machine first produced in 1990 and has been widely used in various genres of music. It features an extensive library of high-quality sampled drum sounds, covering a wide range of musical styles. The SR16 offers comprehensive pattern editing options, allowing users to program and arrange their beats with ease. With MIDI connectivity, it can be seamlessly integrated into studio setups and live performances, making it a popular choice for both professional musicians and beginners. It was one of the two drum machines, along with the Alesis HR-16, featured on the viral 90's flyer manifesto known as "DRUM MACHINE IS KILLING BLACK METAL." It has been used in tracks by Smashing Pumpkins, Orbital, Godflesh and LFO.

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Custom patch loading is possible for this item. Send us your sysex, midi files containing sysex, tape backup audio, or even Opcode Galaxy Bank or Bundles or Unisyn files for pre-loading for synth rentals or synth recording services.

Delivery is available for this item within select areas in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

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