Line 6 DL4

The Line 6 DL4 has 16 24-bit digital models of on legendary echo and delay units such as the Roland RE-201, the Maestro Echoplex, and the Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man as well as a 4-second looper, and original presets. Preset can have the delay time, feedback, and two other parameters adjusted. The four footswitches can save, recall presets as well as set the delay time with a tap tempo.

The digital model/preset names:
• Tube Echo (Maestro EP-1 tube-based Echoplex)
• Tape Echo (transistor Maestro EP-3 transistor-based Echoplex)
• Multi-Head (Roland RE-201)
• Sweep Echo
• Analog Echo (Boss® DM-2)
• Analog w/Mod (EHX Deluxe Memory Man)
• Lo Res Delay (DeltaLab Effectron series)
• Digital Delay
• Digital w/Mod
• Rhythmic Delays
• Stereo Delays
• Ping Pong
• Reverse
• Dynamic Delay (TC Electronic 2290)
• Auto-Volume Echo
• Loop Sampler

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