E-MU Emax SE

This classic 12-bit sampler from 1986. The Emax is still frequently used today for its gritty lo-fi sound. It features a 3.5” floppy drive (for samples and operating system), variable sample rate up to 42KHz and as low as 11KHz, an analog resonant filter (8 x SSM2047, not featured in the Emax II), 8 voice polyphony and 8 individual outputs. The “Emaxed” low-fi sound setting (10kHz, 12 bits) can be heard throughout Nine Inch Nails's Pretty Hate Machine on percussion, guitars, and effect sounds including the intro sounds on Terrible Lie along with Meat Beat Manifesto's Subliminal Sandwich and Actual Sounds and Voices (heard here on the dialogue samples). It is the same low-fi AD converter used in the SP12 and SP1200. It has also been used in notable recordings like Beastie Boys album Paul's Boutique, also by Orbital, Saint Etienne, Mouse on Mars, Skinny Puppy, Steve Roach, Tony Toni Tone, Johnny Hates Jazz, KMFDM, Faith No More, and Fear Factory.

Our Emax features the following upgrades and modifications:

  • SE software upgrade
  • OLED display upgrade
  • Gotek floppy drive emulator with OLED display and data knob
  • Over 1,400 disk images including all of the classic Emu sample disk libraries
  • Alan Wilder's Depeche Mode live disk library which allow you to use and play the original sounds used in Depeche Mode's '88 tour!

Emax Services

Emax OLED display and floppy emulator upgradesIf your Emax is in top working order we can install a new OLED display, archive your floppies, install the HxC floppy drive emulator with 2 line OLED readout and knob modification, and load in your archived floppies to the emulator. This will help ensure that your Emax will function for years to come without having to rely on floppy disk technology. We do not offer general repair, but can refer you to qualified services. We are serving Southern California area only (no shipping, we don't want to risk damage). Contact us for details.

This instrument is available for use at our studio in Long Beach, Ca for playing and recording. Contact us to book your time.

Are you outside of LA or OC? No problem! We can record the synthesizer, drum sounds, or effects tracks for you! Send us your MIDI or audio files, we play it through the instrument or effects unit, record it, and send you the audio files. Learn more about our synthesizer and effects recording services.

Custom patch loading is possible for this item. Send us your sysex, midi files containing sysex, tape backup audio, or even Opcode Galaxy Bank or Bundles or Unisyn files for pre-loading for synth rentals or synth recording services.

Delivery on this item in select areas in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

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