Waldorf Streichfett

The Waldorf Streichfett sound module features a fully polyphonic synth strings section and and eight voice solo section. It digitally emulates the divide-down circuit technology of synths like the Apr/Solina String Ensemble, Logan String Melody, Roland RS series, and Eminent 310 which took the master frequency in the megahertz range and divided it into the audio range to produce all of the note frequencies. The Ensemble effect help give it the classic 70’s synth string sound along with another popular effect that artists would use with it, a phaser. It also features a reverb. Bass, E-Piano, Clavi, Synth, and Pluto sound in the solo section round out the sonic capabilities just like they did in the early machines. Twelve patches can be stored and selected in the Memory section. It is controlled through USB or MIDI.

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