Roland SH3

One of Roland’s first programmable additive synthesizers from 1974. Tone creation is very simple with sliders, switches, knobs and buttons for every parameter. The SH3 is monophonic, with a VCO and pink/white noise generator. It also features 2 LFOs; one sawtooth, while the other is sine or square with delay control. Both LFOs can also be assigned to VCF, VCA or VCO. The VCF is a resonant self-oscillating lowpass filter with control over frequency and resonance. Also features portamento and ADSR envelope generator. Our unit has a CV/gate modification performed by Ed Miller. This is not the A version which means the filter is very similar to the patented Moog ladder filter. It's great for both 70's cheesy synth leads or 90's acid lines. Watch the demo.
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