Video Cassette Tape Transfer Services

Let us convert aka digitize your video cassette tapes.

We serve customers nationally and locally in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. You can hand deliver your tapes to us in person or ship them.

Note: we will not attempt to play or recover moldy tapes.

We do not handle open-reel video tapes, only the cassette formats listed below.

We also serve customers internationally. For international shipments customs does not require a Video-Film Declaration for negatives, still photographs, CD-ROMs, or audio tapes. It is normally a very easy process to send us your tapes. We recommended packing your tapes in a box or secure padded envelope if they are in cases. Signature service is OK, as we always have a staff member available to accept your shipment. More information and instructions will be provided for shipment at the time of your order.

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  • Betacam

    Betacam tape
    Betacam has been used in professional broadcast from 1982 to 1986. We can record your Betacam video tape to digital files so it may be viewed on current digital video players.
  • Betacam SP

    Betacam SP video tape
    The Betacam SP format was the standard from 1986-93. We can record your Betacam SP tapes to digital files so it may be used with current digital video players and editors.
  • Betacam SX

    Betacam SX tape
    Betacam SX was released in 1996 provided even longer recording times, up to 194 min in L mode, and audio at 48kHz 16-bit. We can your record Betacam SX video tape to digital files.
  • Betamax

    Betamax tape
    We can transfer Betamax video tapes and PCM audio tapes to digital files.
  • Digital 8

    Digital 8 tape
    Released in 1999, the Digital8 format was created utilizing the DV codec on 8mm tape. We can digitally transfer your 8mm Digital8 tape to digital files.
  • Digital Betacam (DigiBeta)

    DigiBeta tape
    Digital Betacam also known as DigiBeta, D-Beta, DBC or Digi, was released in 1993. We can record your DigiBeta tape to digital files so it may be viewed PCs and mobile devices.
  • Hi-8

    HI-8 tape
    The Hi-8 video format of the 90's improved on the Video8 format by offering 400 lines of resolution. We can record your Hi-8 video tape to digital files.
  • MiniDV

    MiniDV tape
    MiniDV camcorders were popular in the early 2000s and recorded digitally on magnetic tape. We can digitally transfer your MiniDV tapes to digital files for viewing on PCs.

    MPEG IMX tape
    MPEG IMX was released in 2001 to replace Betacam SX. The tapes are a turquoise color. We can record your MPEG IMX tape to digital video files.
  • VHS

    VHS tape
    VHS was the video tape consumer format that became popular in the 80s with the advent of the VCR, VHS camcorders, and the video tape rental industry. We can digitize your tapes.
  • VHS-C

    VHS-C was created for camcorder use, as the smaller size allowed for smaller cameras, it could be played back in a VCR with an adapter. We can record VHS-C tapes to digital files.
  • Video8

    Video8 tape
    We can record your 8MM Video8 tape to digital files so it may be viewed on current digital video players, computers, and mobile devices or used in a video editor.