2" 24 Track and 16 Track Tape Transfers

The 2 inch 16 and 24 track reel formats are two of the most famous professional recording formats of all time. A staple in recording studios since the 1970s, these formats allowed for multi-track audio recording with minimal bounces and cutting/splicing due the greater number of available tracks. With 16 to 24 available tracks, entire sessions could be recorded without syncing multiple reel to reel decks. Many hits from the 1970s to the 1990s were recorded on this format, with the wide availability of 2" magnetic tape from manufacturers such as Scotch/3M and AMPEX/Quantegy.

Ampex 2 inch tapeEven today, 2 inch is enjoying a comeback for the warm sound analog is known for. However, when it comes to editing, most engineers now choose to transfer reel to reel tapes to digital (aka digitizing), allowing for safekeeping, and easy editing in Pro Tools or any other DAW. This is also critical to preserve the recordings, since magnetic tape has a finite lifespan.

Older 2" tapes including AMPEX/Quantegy  406/407, 456/457, 499 and Scotch/3M 206/207, 226/227, 808, and 986 are unfortunately prone to "sticky shed" syndrome, due to the breakdown of the binder (glue) holding the oxide particles on the tape.

Fortunately, Deep Signal Studios has mastered the process of treating and rescuing these tapes (even those suffering from severe sticky shed by baking). Let our team of seasoned engineers handle the delicate process of saving your recordings; giving them an infinite lifespan in the digital domain.

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