1/2" 2 Track, 4 Track, 8 Track and 16 Track Tape Transfers

Half inch magnetic tape has been in use both professionally ,and later in the home studio environment beginning in the 1970s. The two and four track format, made popular by the AMPEX ATR-100 series, set a new standard for high-end multi-track recording. Many engineers still use these decks to this day for multi-tracking and stereo mixdowns (master recordings). Later, other reel-to-reel manufacturers adopted the use of 1/2" tape for even greater track counts. One of the more popular 1/2" multi-track decks to come out early on was the TEAC 80-8, which allowed for 8 tracks of audio recording. TASCAM followed up with the model 38, and eventually the TSR-8, which were all capable of recording eight tracks. TASCAM went on to maximize the track count on 1/2" tape, releasing the TSR-16, which was capable of recording 16 tracks. Other manufacturers such as FOSTEX followed suit with the B-16, E-16, and G-16S 16 track decks.

Ampex half inch tapeAs with many analog reel-to-reel formats, 1/2" is still in use by engineers around the world today. However, when it comes to editing, most engineers now choose to transfer reel to reel tapes to digital (aka digitizing), allowing for safekeeping, and easy editing in Pro Tools or any other DAW. This is also critical to preserve the recordings, since magnetic tape has a finite lifespan. Older 1/2" tapes including AMPEX/Quantegy and 3M/SCOTCH are unfortunately prone to "sticky shed" syndrome, due to the breakdown of the binder (glue) holding the oxide particles on the tape. Fortunately, Deep Signal Studios has mastered the process of treating and rescuing these tapes (even those suffering from severe sticky shed). Let our team of seasoned engineers handle the delicate process of saving your recordings; giving them an infinite lifespan in the digital domain.

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