Mixing and Mastering

Deep Signal Studios offers premium and comprehensive editing, mixing, and mastering services for any type of audio production. Our exclusive broadcast-ready package includes:

  • Full spectral analysis of audio material
  • Equalization and phase correction
  • Audio leveling for consistent volume throughout the broadcast
  • Compliant output level for desired streaming service (YouTube, Vimeo, Apple Sound Check, AES Streaming Recommendation, US Public Radio (PRSS) such as NPR

spectrum analyser Audio quality is critically important to projecting a polished image to gain sponsors, advertisers and of course subscribers. We can work with virtually any audio format, mono, stereo, or multitrack. We also have the ability to capture archived material from magnetic tape (cassettes, DATs, etc) and perform these processes.

Audio Restoration

Deep Signal Studios proudly offers full audio restoration services to repair, clean up and enhance any audio material. Whether the recording suffers from room echo, pops, clicks, hums, ambient noise, or varying pitch (often present in analog transfers) we can help.

Utilizing cutting-edge processing tools and mastering techniques we can diagnose complex issues and rescue a poor recording.

Some common problems we can correct include:

  • Advanced noise removal (forensic level removal of unwanted noises, clicks, buzzes, thumps, machines, background noises)
  • Reverberation (echo) elimination (dialogue will sound clear and focused)
  • Excessive ambient noise from a field recording
  • Inconsistent or low sound levels (often present in live presentations and interviews)
  • Improper equalization (EQ) or unbalanced sound
  • Drum sound replacement

Is your recording on physical media? No problem! We can transfer it.