"I sent Deep Signal Studios two very old multitrack tapes, a 16 track and an 8 track. They date from the late 80's, had been around the world at least once and lived in various places including our garage for many years. These tapes were the old Ampex 456 type that is known to rust and were even moldy. DSS did a superb job digitizing these. The sound of the tracks is as fresh as the day they were recorded and I am delighted by the results. I'm looking forward to throwing some modern tools at a re-mix and I recommend this service without hesitation."
- Theo ten Brummelaar

"I’ve had these 1” masters from my band days for 30 years and I’ve tried a few places to get them digitized. All of the other “studios” were flakes. Mario and the team at Deep Signal answered my email quickly with a price and before I knew it, I was mixing my old band demo, reliving those glory days! (Admiring the guitarist I used to be). As a voice over and podcast studio owner myself, I know the difference between good customer service and Deep Signal’s GREAT customer service. Plus the quality of the files and ease of download. I have more tapes I need done and they are my new go to studio. Thanks guys!"
- Scott W. Fitzgerald, President, ROC Vox Recording & Production, LLC Rochester, NY

"The best in the business"
- Frank Serafine, Composer: Star Trek, Tron: Legacy

"For years we wanted to remaster our original reels recorded in the early 90's but many studios were unable to assist with the task. we were giving up on ever hearing the original album remastered but were lucky enough to come by Deep Signal Studios. Thanks to Deep Signal Studios for taking care of this and we were more than happy for the results we received. The edits were amazing and the album cranks!! Looking forward to doing more work with them."

"The engineers at Deep Signal were able to rescue some digital multitracks that I assumed were long gone. Great service and communication, with a really quick turnaround! Time to see what other obsolete formats I can dig up…"
-Stephen Rippy

"I was very happy to have found you and your service. You recovered files for me that I thought were gone forever. I shall recommend you highly to others & will use you in the future whenever I have this type of work."
- Bob Kinkel

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Why Choose Deep Signal Studios?

  • File conversion work and tape transfers can be tedious and frustrating. Your time as an artist is better spent working on your music and mixes on a platform you know.
  • All work is completed by certified engineers with over 20 years experience with DAWs, MIDI sequencers, notation software, synthesizers, samplers, and tape machines. We have comprehensive knowledge about everything that has come and gone, as well as all current and emerging platforms.
  • Services are performed by native English speakers in the recording capital of the world, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Your files are secure. All work is performed in-house and in strict confidentiality. Client files are archived for 30-days upon completion of the project, and promptly destroyed thereafter.