Old Mac iMovie Events and Projects conversion to Libraries for iMovie 10

iMovie is a video editor that was pre-installed on many Macs or as a software purchase on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. It was great for editing together home movies or videos for YouTube and social media. If you have very old Apple Mac iMovie files from the 2000s that you would like to re-edit or that you never got around to completing and you want to finish it with a brand new Apple Silicon Mac, you will run into an issue. iMovie Events and Projects created in iMovie for Mac OSX 10.0 Cheetah to 10.13 High Sierra cannot be opened in the later versions of iMovie for macOS which use Library files. We can convert these older Events and Projects from iMovie HD 5 and 6, iMovie '08 and '11 into Library files for iMovie version 10.x for Catalina (macOS 10.15), Big Sur (macOS 11), Monterey (macOS 12), Ventura (macOS 13) or Sonoma (macOS 14) or Final Cut Pro.

iMovie 7 and 10 icons

iMovie Events and Projects folders are stored, by default, in the Movies folder within the User folder when the internal drive is used to store the video. When an external or secondary drive is used to store the video the iMovie Events and Projects folders are at the root of the drive. You can zip the two files together, upload to a large file sharing service like DropBox, YouSendIt, Google Drive, or iCloud and send us the link. Or use can ship us a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, BluRay ROM, DAT-72, DAT-160, DAT-320, FireWire hard drive, USB hard drive, USB flash drive, a removed internal SATA hard drive, a removed SATA SSD or external SSD or even a MacBook Pro, Macbook or iBook since these files can be several gigabytes in size or if you are not familiar with how to retrieve files from these old Macs. Let us know what version of macOS you will be using to run iMovie or Final Cut Pro.

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