MuseScore .MSCZ and .MSCX to MIDI File Conversion

MuseScore is a widely used music score writer for Mac and Windows. MuseScore was originally forked from the Linux-based MusE sequencer, and was refined into a stand-alone notation program in the early 2000s. The feature set is similar to the popular score writing programs Finale and Sibelius.

MuseScore .MSCZ and .MSCX File ConversionJust as with many other score writing programs and sequencers, MuseScore users may run into situations where they would like to open their scores in another program. It may be for a collaboration, or simply moving on to software like Finale or Sibelius.

There are different ways to handle the conversion, depending on which program you would like to use with the file. Let us know which program you plan to open your MuseScore composition with, and we will convert the file ensuring maximum compatibility. We can convert and deliver your file in Overture, Encore, Finale, Capella, Sibelius, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Ableton Live, GarageBand, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, Sonar or any other DAW or MIDI sequencer file format you wish. Contact us today for a quote to convert your MuseScore files.

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Why Choose Deep Signal Studios?

  • File conversion work and tape transfers can be tedious and frustrating. Your time as an artist is better spent working on your music and mixes on a platform you know.
  • All work is completed by certified engineers with over 20 years experience with DAWs, MIDI sequencers, notation software, synthesizers, samplers, and tape machines. We have comprehensive knowledge about everything that has come and gone, as well as all current and emerging platforms.
  • Services are performed by native English speakers in the recording capital of the world, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Your files are secure. All work is performed in-house and in strict confidentiality. Client files are archived for 30-days upon completion of the project, and promptly destroyed thereafter.