E-MU Emax

This classic 12-bit sampler from 1986. The Emax is still frequently used today for its gritty lo-fi sound. Features 3.5” floppy drive (for samples and operating system), variable sample rate up to 42KHz, analog filter, 8 voice polyphony and 8 individual outputs.
The “Emaxed” low-fi sound setting (11kHz, 12 bits) can be heard throughout Nine Inch Nail's Pretty Hate Machine on percussion, guitars, and effect sounds including the intro sounds on Terrible Lie along with Meat Beat Manifesto's Subliminal Sandwich and Actual Sounds and Voices (heard here on the dialogue samples). It is the same low-fi AD converter used in the SP12 and SP1200.

Our Emax has a fully functioning floppy drive.

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