Ensoniq SQ2

The SQ-2 features 125 sampled and synthetic wavesforms that can be used to create a range of instrument sounds, a Megabyte of 16 bit piano waveforms and transwaves synthesis which provides a dynamic and moving sound. Reverb, chorusing, flanging, phasing, distortion, and rotoray speaker patches are provided with control over many of the parameters. The Mod wheel can change the size of the room, for example, or add more distortion by assigning it to velocity. There is a 16-track sequencer that can be used in real-time step recording.

This instrument is available for use at our studio in Long Beach, Ca for playing and recording. Contact us to book your time.

Custom patch loading is possible for this item. Send us your sysex, midi files containing sysex, tape backup audio, or even Opcode Galaxy Bank or Bundles or Unisyn files for pre-loading for synth rentals or synth recording services.

Are you outside of LA or OC? No problem! We can record the synthesizer, drum sounds, or effects tracks for you! Send us your MIDI or audio files, we play it through the instrument or effects unit, record it, and send you the audio files. Learn more about our synthesizer and effects recording services.

Delivery is available for this item within select areas in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

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