Synthesizer Recording & Sound Replacement

Make your tracks sound even fatter by adding some analog flavor to your all digital production. Replace your software generated synth bass, lead, and pad tracks with sounds from a real vintage synthesizer! We can do this for you remotely or you can visit our Long Beach studio.

For many producers, samples, emulators, VST/AU plugins, and pre-recorded loops aren't good enough. When you absolutely need a particular synth sound for a new or unfinished project, we can help. Send us your MIDI files, we record the synth tracks at your direction and send the recorded tracks back to you. Works great for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Ableton Live, GarageBand, Digital Performer, or any other DAW.

This is also ideal if you are revisiting a past project and no longer have access to the original synth. Simply send us your SysEx patch banks or tape backup (or even just factory patch name/number) along with your MIDI files. We record the synth tracks using the original hardware and patches, and send the recorded stems files back to you as .wav, .aiff at 44kHz 16 bit up to 96kHz 32 bit. You can then take these files and drop them into your mix. Or come visit our studio in person.

Popular synths for this service include:

  • ARP 2600
  • Moog Minimoog Model D
  • Roland SH-101
  • Roland Jupiter-8
  • Roland Juno-60
  • Roland Juno-106
  • Roland Juno-1
  • Roland D-50 / D-550
  • Korg DW-8000
  • Korg Prophecy
  • Korg Wavestation AD
  • Kawai K4
  • Oberheim Matrix-6/1000
  • Sequential Circuits Multitrak
  • Yamaha DX-7
  • Yamaha TX-81Z
  • Elektron Sid Station
  • Yamaha RY30 drum machine
  • Sequential Circuits TOM drum machine

Check out our complete equipment inventory or contact us today for a quote. You can link us to a song you want it to sound like along with the time stamp and description or send us an MP3 file for reference. Once we have this we can provide an estimate.